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Not yet. My wife's cousin lives in Japan but is currently on vacation in BC. We are emailing him this week with some questions and this will be one of them The only figure I have is how much you can make in a year without it being taxed on my visa sponsor(wife): 1,000,000 yen/year. It's either stay under that or just go part-time hours with lessons to fill in the gaps and make more than enough to cover the taxes. That's what I am aiming it.

When I have a more conrete answer on the number of hours per week, I'll post it up

As for when we are leaving, no set date. We own a house here and are doing some things to it to make it more attractive to sell, once we sell it, we will probably move in with my parents to be able to hammer off the remaining debts and save up some money. It won't be for this summer that's pretty sure. Maybe we'll have to wait for January for applications for the new semester, not sure really. Last thing we want to do is set a date for ourselves. We want to do this when it's the best time possible, not the earliest time possible.
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