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Default Re: New Game Idea- Two truths and a lie

I use a version of this as a reading/writing activity. Choose a famous person - for my "serious" adults I use Condoleeza Rice, but if you're teaching teenagers you could choose a pop star or actor. Using biographic material that's easily available on the net, I write out about ten sentences describing that person's life - from where/when they were born till current. But I add in two completely untrue facts. The students read the text and decide which sentences they think are false. It works best if there is something unexpected about the person which is true - Rice, for instance, is an accomplished concert pianist and has performed in public with Yo Yo Ma. Students often choose this as one of the untrue statements (The actual untrue statements which I add are When she was a child she wanted to be a ballet dancer and At the age of 23 she applied to NASA to train as an astronaut but was rejected.)
Then, for homework, they have to find biographical info on another famous person, and write ten sentences about them. They send it to me by E-mail for correction and then bring the corrected version to class the following week. The sets of sentences are circulated, and in groups the students read them and decide which they think are the untrue statements.

PS. I've now published a full description of the activity and the Rice text (which you can copy for classroom use) on my site. See the Oct 17 entry or click on Teaching Reading

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