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Default Re: Along the dusty highway - which countries have you taught in?

I taught in Guadeloupe, England, Thailand, France, and Spain.
I've been to 45 countries so I've probably taught elsewhere too but can't remember - you know what it's like when your life is like a patchwork quilt.

It was pretty hard teaching in London, at Sels College, Covent Garden. The pay was pretty low when you considered that you had to pay London rents, travel to work, go out in London for social life, and spend time preparing the lessons.

That was the nail in the coffin of my TEFL career for a while - because you might as well have been working at Mc Donalds for all you got paid - although you didn't smell of chips when you got home.

Teaching in Thailand was really fun - the students were so enthusiastic to learn English.

Those of your posting who are keen to come to Europe - watch out! The pay can be pretty bad and the cost of living is high here. Private lessons to supplement your income are the answer.
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