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Default Best places to visit in Korea

The best places to visit in Korea are

Ulleong do island- This is an island that is quite near the disputed Dok-to. Simply go to Pohang(steel city) and take a fairy. Typhoons are frequent around here double check to see if a ferry is available. Great rock formations.

Hong-do island- Go to Mokpo and take the ferry. Again double check to see if there will be a typhoon. Near by is Haksando anotherv island. Take the ferry around the island and some people will deliver freash Sashimi to you very cheap.

Kang-Chun- Near Cheoncheon lovely cliffs surrounding a river. Climp the hill and you find a nice waterefall. You can rent a bike.

Don't go to Nami island in Kapyoung. This place is really overated. Its only popular because on a T.V show, Its difficult to get to and dead boring.
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