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Default Re: The Apprehensive Class

This made me think of something we do in Primary classrooms called. Show and Tell. It has lots of names but it is a time when students can bring something from home to share with their classmates. This could really promote speaking in front of classrmates.
Some years I have the students hide their object and give hints, such as colour etc. as to what they have brought. The class gets 3 guesses,(how many guesses is up to the teacher), then the students shows what he/she has brought and talks about it to the class. This is good for speaking and for listening skills.
Then we have 'Questions or Comments'
The class can ask questions about the object of make a comment relevant to the presentation. The presenter has the power to choose who can ask the question or make a comment, they love this. It is up to the teacher to specify how many questions will be asked.
I usually have a list that we work down to ensure everyone gets a turn sharing, and we have about 5 sharing on each day.
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