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Default Re: What age group do you prefer?

I defo prefer adults - been teaching kids and teens most of my life but this year am teaching adults and it's such a glory, to be able to really teach, not just try to break fights, pass the time with unwilling, spoiled brats who think the teacher's just a doormat to tread upon or someone who you can answer back and/or hit without consequences... Given the sorry state education in Spain has fallen down to, as extending compulsory to sixteen without really catering for those who'd rather be learning a trade or having sufficient resources to deal with the extreme diversity (kids who arrive from Africa and have never been to a school, don't know how to read or write, kids with tremendous learning disorders and/or problematic, violent behaviour, along with normal kids, all together and SOS teacher, here you are, deal with it as best u can!) is but a dream here, especially in state schools. For me an hour with such teens is more exausting than sixty with adults!

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