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Default Re: Does anyone know good games for outside or in the gym?

There is a running game that is great for the gym and could be modified for outside.
It is also a game that can be changed to involve different vocabulary.
I first learned it as Rainbow tag.

You line all the class up against one end wall of the gym.
You choose one student to stand in the middle of the gym facing the line of students.
Now go along the line of students and tap them on the head or shoulder assigning them a colour, red, green, yellow, orange, red, green, yellow, orange,red, green, yellow, orange, etc until all the students have a colour.
The student in the middle shouts out a colour, for instance yellow, and all the students given yellow must run to the opposite wall while the student who is 'it' tries to catch them. As they are caught they join the student in the middle of the gym and become catchers.
Sometimes the centre student may shout out 'RAINBOW' and everyone runs at the same time. Keep going till the last student is caught and they can be the new person in the middle.

I have done a variation called 'Fruit Salad' where the kids all have fruit names, eg, banana, apple, orange, peach, etc
The starter can shout out a fruit name or 'fruit salad' which mean everyone runs.

You could change it up as many ways as your imagination allows, Banker, with one cent, quarter, dollar, dime etc used or Bakery with cakes, cookies, pies and bread as the groups.
You see what I mean. Lots of fun and learning.
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