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Default A Dictionary of the English Language

HI, I have several English problems, and I desperately need your help.

In the preface of A Dictionary of the English Language, by S. Johnson, I find "the English", which does not mean the people but the language. However, I always write "English" or "the English language", to represent the same thing. Is "the English" not accepted nowadays?


Another question: is there any term specifically referring to teachers other than MR or MRS, like REVEREND to a clergyman?

Also, apart from "leave out" is there another verb for the action of ellipsis?

"in the range of 0 to/and 1 "←which word should be used?

"for use of sth/ for ease of understanding" .....why is there not a definite article?I found them in a dictionary, and a teacher told me that it is correct to leave out THE, and that it is unaccountable. Was he correct?
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