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Default Re: Technical Person Should I get a TESL?

Thanks Ariel ,

I was actually looking at Oxford seminars because they're coming to the campus in my city in a few months.

I have been thinking about this a bit more since I posted. It does make sense that they would want BA grads as a someone with technical diploma like myself hasn't really proven themselves to be at a University level of writing.

I looked around at some of the other countries which do accept non-BA grads and the pay seemed ridiculously low. $500 a month before deducting living costs... not to mention the monthly payment I have to make towards student debt.

So I'm looking into transferring my credits into a part-time BA program. It seems the only way to make any money while teaching abroad is to go to a select few places.. Japan, Korea, Dubai, all of which would require a BA.

The only other route would be to make a really good portfolio and get hired by a private company, in some foreign country. Which sounds like it would be very difficult to do from Canada.
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