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Default Re: CELTA Interview

Wow. Can't believe I had finished my interview. It really was good fun at the end of the day. I pretty much prepared to the best of my ability and tried my best. Now I have to wait a week till I hear if I have been successful or not. Luckily in my interview there was only another person, so two in total rather than three.

The other person was a Korean lady who lived in England for seven years total. She was pretty much nervous to the point where she was fluttering about whilst speaking. It can be difficult for speakers of another language to speak for a long period of time so have some empathy for her.

In my interview there was a quick roleplay, a discussion why you wanted to do the course, and some questions/discussions about the course. Luckily I was able to impress the interviewers about my knowledge of the CELTA Course, albeit limited.

So now is the worst time. Waiting for the result. If I get it I am going to have a major party. If not I will drink without the party atmosphere. So all in all I am going to get drunk whatever the result!
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