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Default Re: Can / Can't activity for middle school, help!

How about an activity centred around an interview?

- Show pics of a stunt person in action. Check the students recognise and can name the job and write it on the board.

- Ask what you need to do if you do that job - try and have pics illustrating the things, otherwise mime. For example, drive a car, ski, ride a horse, do parachute jumps, swim, dive, speak English, do judo, do karate, ride a motorbike, use a sword, climb a mountain, do somersaults are all possible and you can probably add more. Write the words around the job as a type of mind map.

- Divide the students into interviewers and interviewees. Give the interviewers a sheet with all the abilities on listed on it with boxes to tick (enough for three interviews). Give the interviewees the same list, but with ticks and crosses at random showing what they can/can't do.

- The interviewers interview the first interviewee asking Can you ride a horse? Can you do karate? etc. The interviewees reply Yes I can/No I can't depending on what's on their cue sheet. (You can make this more complex if they're up to it by adding info to show how well they can do each thing, so that they respond Yes, I can ride very well or I can do karate but I'm only a white belt or whatever they're capable of saying.) The interviewers note this info on their sheet.

- At the end they change partners and interview a new person, and then a third.

- Follow up : Each interviewer tells the class which of the three people s/he interviewed would make the best stunt person and why.
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