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Default Re: 2006 Christmas lesson plans

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Make a Reindeer:
time: 15-20 min. (longer for kindergarten and below)
materials: scissors, pens, 3 shades of construction paper, glue

1. Cut out a triangle with rounded tips using light brown construction paper(this will be the face)
2. Trace the students hands onto dark construction paper (horns) and cut out.
3. Cut out a circle from red or black construction paper (nose)
4. Glue the horns to the back of the face and the nose to the front of the face near the bottom. (The face should point down like a yeild sign.)
5. Draw in the eyes.
6. Write the students name and year on the back of their reindeer
Did the reindeer today - went down a treat! The only difference was that for the face we traced the foot of each kid, but other than that it was pretty much the same. The results were great and the kids loved it.
Thanks for the tip!
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