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Default Re: Games for small groups?

Quote livinginkorea
That has to be post of the year there! Totally brillant!

I have a game I play with students when we watch a DVD:

1. I start the class about the theme of the week and choose a related DVD to play for that time. So for example, if the theme is "transport", then I choose a DVD like "Cars". It is good to choose a funny or action type DVD for kids.

2. We then get a discussion going about the theme and ask them to remember some vocabulary and write that on the board.

3. I then play a scene in the movie and pause before something funny or major happens in the film. I then ask the kids, "What is going to happen next?".

4. You listen to some of the ideas that they have and then reward the student (or group) with a point that gives you a right answer.


I love this because the directors or management of a school cannot have a go at you for showing movies in class as this is actually productive. Plus the kids love it.
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