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Default Re: Discriminatory ESL Job Ads

There you go again. That is even if you just wanted to sing a song you would have to be White.

1500rmb foreigner singer dancer dj part time offer

Female singer *1(foreigner white people only) can sing Adele's song(rolling in the deep, set fire to the rain ect.....)

Male singer *1(foreigner only) can sing RAP

Dancer *4 (female foreigner pertty sexy only )

Dj*1 (foreigner only)

Working hour: During 10pm-1am period

DJ: Play2 hours can play house hip hop

Singer & dancernly do 2 shows (10-15 min each show)

Salary:1500rmb per person*1 time(singer & dancer is 2 shows,DJ 2 hours) total have 6 times

Venu: Any different city of China not only Shanghai

Date: During Oct 2012 period

If u intersted this offer want to learn more details pls send me your information:

nationality Photo*5 height weight age phone number

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