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Default Past tense VS present perfect?

Hello. Let's discuses!!

Sam is my boyfriend. We are going to have a date on Sunday. We've been dating for only a few days. I have a Dad. We see each other every day.
Today, it's Sunday morning. Sam picks me up and we go to the beach.
He asks :
1. Did you tell your dad where you were up to?
2. Have you told your dad where we've been up to?

I think they mean the same thing, but the second one is harsher than the first one. Am I right? If we want to talk about something happened in the past casually, it is unnecessary to use the present perfect tense, right?

A. Did you realize he is a bad guy?
B. Have you realized he is a bad guy?

Are there any differences in aspect? I think
A focuses on the action , realize, in the past, while B is focused on the result, "do you know it now?"

Am I right? Thanks!
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