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Cool Re: Online TEFL Courses???

I think even after taking the 4weeks, 160hours etc of TEFL training the real training still takes place while you are teaching.
To me the TEFL training just gives you "car keys" which doesn't mean that you will drive the car.
When I had my training it was rich and exciting with all the coaching and guidance, but on the field it's been something else for these 9 years. No two lessons are ever the same. To me those lessons taught during the TEFL training with all the coaching, are just a dramatization of the theory which is however a good beginning step. But what saddens me is the fact that the simple possesssion of TEFL certificates lures employers into believing that they've got the best teachers. That's what has led to the birth of online TEFL. I really buy TLR's idea that "It's a shame that there isn't an international standard where you can have your qualifications and experienced assessed and accepted."
My recommendation to newcomers: If you really want to appreciate and make good use of what is taught during the TEFL training, spare a year or two first on the field and then find time for a TEFL course. You will make a difference.
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