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Default Re: "Remember Doing" vs "Remembered To Do It"

remember is one of those verbs which can be followed by another verb in either the infinitive or 'ing' form.

The meaning changes.

I remebered to shut the gate.

First I remebered to do something then I did it.

I remember closing the gate

I did it and now I recall doing it.

I usually teach this in the context of an old bill that is being contested. I give them the story of how a phone bill arrived and I left it in the office for a couple of weeks. Then, just before the due date, I remebered to pay it. So I went to the post office and waited in line for an hour on a very hot day etc etc and finally paid the bill.

A couple of weeks later i got a letter saying they were going to cut off the phone because I hadn't paid. I replied that I remember paying the bill because the queue was so long, it was baking hot and above all the woman in front of me in the queue was drop-dead gorgeous and was wearing the shortest miniskirt in the history of short miniskirts. I definitely remember paying the bill!!!

If only it were true.
Hope that helps.
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