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Default Re: Simple Past - Games

I used this idea with my university students. They generally have a short attention span, and aren't the most studious of sorts. Anyway...

The lesson focused on the past tense, and I didn't want to give them a boring list to memorize. Yet I wanted to begin with a worksheet as a reference tool, practice through it, and then build on it.

I first made a crossword puzzle through Discovery Channel's Puzzlemaer (, using 15 words in the past tense. These were words that would resonate with the students, and which we would use later in the lesson.

Next I dictated the fifteen words in the present tense. Students had to write the words, then compare spelling with a partner. They then searched for the words, which they had to conjugate. Again, answers were checked with a partner.

Lastly, after going through pronunciation drills and substitution drills, students interviewed 3 people in the class about their last weekend. Most of the words were used, but students were free to add information according to their ability level.

I liked how I was able to get several skills into one long activity, as well as keep hold of most everyone's attention for the full lesson.

Hope this idea proves useful!

Chris Cotter
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