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Default Re: Unmotivated students

Obviously the most important thing to take into account is the age group you are dealing with.

That in mind, don't take this personally, but they are unmotivated because you lack the ability to motivate them. There are many things you can do to improve your situation though, and don't worry, we all have moments where we miss our mark. If your students are unmotivated and noisy, you need to fins a way to engage them and distract them. Depending on their age: different games, magic tricks (as rewards for weekly or monthly progress), short clips or a movie class (again for monthly or bi-monthly progress). Most importantly though, make sure that no matter the age group, you are getting them interacting with the class to a certain degree. This combined with choices which allows the students to have a certain amount of control over their own learning will make them comfortable and empower them. These little things can often be the difference between victory and defeat when trying to win over your classroom. Activities or games are also very important no matter the age group. If you make them feel like they are having fun, they will learn and often beg you to play the game again.

These are only a few ideas, but the most important thing to change when your class is unmotivated, is you. If you bring all these tools to your classroom and they still don't respond then I'm afraid to say that your students have been replaced with zombies.

Our responsibility as teachers is to keep learning fun. Learning can be scary at times, so you have to keep it fun, and remember that even if they are not correct, they might not be wrong.
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