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Hi Fiona,
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6. T's reply is not very natural, unless the 'so' is stressed very strongly ("I'm soooo busy!") If not, it sounds like an non-native speaker's mistake. Of course it can be understood, but it's not what we'd say. 'Really' or 'very' would be more natural.
J's response, however, is fine: "Why are you so busy [to the extent that you're not free]?" I think it's not showing surprise at being busy, but the extent is unexpected.
Do you mean it's showing surprise at the extent that is unexpected?

Is it fine to use "Thank you very much" in your example as follows?
I remember hearing a non-native speaker say, "Thank you so much" for something that was really just a small favour, like passing the salt or some ordinary action like that, and it sounded like sarcasm, because the thanks was too great for the help.

Many thanks for your great help!
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