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Default Trying to make dominoes

I have followed your tip about the domino maker (in another thread by Moonshine) - I've since made a couple of sets which have gone down well (I've been looking for ages for a way of making dominoes, so thanks!).

I have had a few problems though with the dominoes and am wondering if I'm doing something wrong??
The mini flashcard wizard seems to group the same pictures together all the time, making it difficult to do mixed up, horizontal cards (if you have say only 8 word to practise ie less than 16 different words). Is there a way round this?

I've got round it by finding 2 or more different pictures for the same word but (apart from the extra work!) it can be a bit confusing (I teach young kids). I'm wondering if the Bingo maker wouldn't do a better job as it lets you shuffle endlessly, and even though it's an uneven number (you would have a mixed sheet of horizontals and verticals) it might solve this problem?? I haven't tried yet as I've always needed the words under the picture so far. Any thoughts?? Thanks.