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Default In my lunch box

.:. Type of activity .:.


.:. Interaction Pattern .:.


.:. Vocabulary .:.

Food & drinks:

banana juice - watermelon juice - strawberry juice - grapes juice - lemonade - cheese - olives - toast - bread - grapes - bananas - watermelon - water - milk.


glass - bunch - can - slice - piece - bottle

.:. Language Skills .:.

Reading - writing

.:. Objectives .:.

To read a list of food items and identify the right picture.
To describe their pictures and write a short paragraph of what do they have in them.

.:. Teacher's instructions .:.

* Copy page 1-6 as needed to cover the whole class. (page / student).
* Stick these copies around the class.
* Provide each student with a list. (There are six different lists).
* Ask them to read their list and move around looking for the picture that matches their list.
* When they finish. Ask them to sit back at their places, and provide them with a copy of page 9.
* They have to write what is there in their lunch box.
* They can start cutting and pasting the food items in the empty box.
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