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Default Teaching the entire school English sentences!!!

Hi there,

I'm currently teaching for my second time in a Primary School in the south of China. I'm teaching all grades 1 through 6 which is a big challenge. I've now been asked to teach the students one new sentence every week on a Monday morning at the usual school assembly/raising of the flag outside.

The principal has suggested I use some sort of 'game' or other method to help students remember or learn the sentence, rather than just repeating it for the 3 minutes I have at the podium (students found it boring the last time). Now, how exactly do I do this??? It's not exactly like I'm going to be able to get all 1300 students to play a game so what do I do? Any advice?

Also, would there be certain sentences that may suit this other method? I was thinking maybe a question and answer phrase. Then, I could say the sentence first e.g. Could I have a box of noodles, please? Yes, sure! Then ask students to respond ie. I say the first part, they say the response and then switch it around. I don't know if this would work every week though?

Any suggestions are VERY welcome! Thank you in advance Laura
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