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Question No communication between management!

Hi guys, entering my third week of my first teaching job in.

Finally got to grips with my classes, but there is such a lack of communication at my school between the director of the school and the director of studies that I feel like I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing elsewhere. When I ask for help, I'm given one line instructions, no deadlines.

That was all until today when the director of the school called me into his office to ask me why I hadn't completed more of my task of updating the handouts for the courses (30+ of them btw) which we had talked about in my first week. Even though when we originally agreed I would have this extra task on top of my teaching duties I wasn't given a deadline, just told to do it when I could. Was also only given one advanced course to look at and create handouts for. Now being told that it was more than it was for all the courses and that's what we had agreed at the meeting. Yet when the director of studies gave me what the courses I needed to do during my first week it was just for one course.

Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it off my chest and was wondering if anyone else has any experience with total miscommunication within their school? I've tried asking for help but nobody really seems to have the time to explain it to me. I don't understand as they took me on knowing that I had no real previous experience teaching!


Again sorry for the rant. Thanks guys.

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