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Exclamation Useful phrases suitable for grades 1 - 6!

I've been asked to teach one new sentence or phrase to all students in the school every Monday morning at assembly. I've also been asked to try and come up with a fun and different way to teach this to the students.

So far, we've used phrases like 'Can I have some ice-cream, please?', 'Where's the toilet?', 'Lunch is over, I'm full'.

I say the sentence and then get the students to repeat after me a few times. Then I might get different grades to repeat the sentence individually. Or, ask one grade to say the first part, and another grade to say the other part.

But I'm running out of ideas and would really appreciate any help and advice. Both with examples of sentences and new ways to teach them. It's only 2-3 minutes at the end of assembly, so it has to be short, sweet and useful to the students.

Any ideas?
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