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Default Re: Students bored with classes

Good point about computers becoming jurassic park.

An excellent way to find out what students are interested in is to have them list their top three topics of what they like on pieces of paper and hand them in to you.

Some of course will make up any old rubbish as a joke, but for SURE you'll get some ideas from that and also get an idea of trends.

This is a book with fun activities where students are involved rather than sitting watching something, (which is relaxing for the teacher) and you don't have to spend all night preparing a PowerPoint either:

Check out my ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults in paperback on Amazon, or download.

Also don't worry, you are not supposed to be a stand-up comedian, as long as your lesson has some energy it should be ok.

PS They don't talk about death by PowerPoint in the training industry for nothing either ! And no matter how hard you try, your PowerPoint will still look like something out of the dark ages compared to the video games and movies they are watching daily !

So rather than use backward media try something active where students do the work themselves instead of sitting in front of screens. Just an idea !

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