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Default Re: How to make a Student Progress Speaking Test

I suggest you look up the IELTS standards or the ALTE standards ( and use these to help you.

Since I assume that they are low Beginner students, they do not need to practice their speaking skills too much
Ouch!!! They need to practice speaking as much as possible for many reasons. Even a low beginner, for example, can give a short presentation on his home:

"I live in a big house. My house has six rooms. It has a garden. The living room is very big..." etc

The other main thing is that to measure their progress, you need to give them a pre-course test and a post-course test to show the improvement. Ideally, these two tests would be the same.

Just off the top of my head, here's a format:

Part 1: Have a list of twenty basic questions (What is your favourite food?). Ask them 10 of these questions

Part 2: Ask them to speak for one minute or as long as they can on a simple topic (my home, my family, 3 things I like to do, etc)

Part 3: Roleplay a simple conversation with them (buying something in a store)
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