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Default Re: would enjoy + ?

I would enjoy playing golf.

Verb expressing "enjoyment" or lack of it take V+ ing. So eg :

I love playing golf
I (don't) like playing golf
I (don't) enjoy playing golf
I hate playing golf.

If those verbs change and take an infinitive form then there's a usually change in meaning - they are no longer expressing "enjoyment" but another meaning - eg :

a) wanting to do something : I would like to play golf tomorrow (= I want to play golf tomorrow)
b) recommendations. Compare :

I don't like going to the dentist ( = I don't enjoy going)
but I like to go every six months so that there's never anything serious to do ( I like to go = I think it's a good idea)

"enjoy" always expresses the concept of enjoyment (because of its lexical meaning) and so can never change. So..
I expect I would enjoy playing golf if I had the chance, but it's too expensive .. is still expressing the concept of "enjoyment" even in hypothetical form.

Hope that helps.
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