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Default Great Price is right game for teaching shopping

Game: The Price is Right
A great game to play with students to help reinforce numbers and shopping. Read more to find out how to adapt this game for students and the classroom.

Age 5 plus
Materials: Pictures of different objects, or you can just draw pictures on the board.

How to play

Get the students excited by explaining that you are going to play a game. Show the students one object and ask them to guess the price. Help direct them to the correct price by saying cheaper or more expensive after they guess. Some students with low level English may have difficulty saying higher numbers like 300 or 452, so it's best to just say the correct number and have them repeat after you.

You can play this game by getting the students to guess the price of each object on their own, or you can then divide the students into teams of 3-6 and make the teams battle against each other. Teams are also great because they can help each other guess the price and say the higher numbers in English. Each team that guesses correctly gets one point, and the team with the most points at the end is the winner.


A great way to get students engaged is to actually go out and use stores from their own neighborhood. You can take pictures of different shops yourself, or even just copy the pictures off Google Earth, or Google Maps. Using real prices is also a lot easier and fairer for the students to guess, and you'll be surprised how many students actually know the price of different objects. Here is an example of some cards that I made for my students here.

You can find more great easy esl games here too
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