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Default Re: Ideas for 7 yr old, 3 hr lessons 5x a week

Another way is to use a ball like a soccer ball or a smaller basket ball.
You can teach question and reply this way.
Before u throw the ball say "how are you" then let your student catch the ball.
But the student cannot throw the ball until s/he enunciates an answer such as "I am well."
If u are not using their native language then the student tends to just repeat everything you say. But a slow and patient approach to the ball game and will break this habit fairly quickly.
Just keep it slow!No answer No throw! And just keep guiding the student until they understand the concept... question:How are you? answer: I am well.
Once you do this you can use the catch and throw ball technique to build the students understanding of question then answer, question then answer, (throw and catch, throw and catch)
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