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Default Please help - teaching abstract concepts to Kindergarten


So I recently started teaching a Kindergarten class on a weekend in China, I normally teach in a university.

I'm REALLY struggling and the Chinese teachers are hopeless - they can fall back on their Chinese every time - honestly I feel like they want me to fail sometimes.

I think teaching concrete concepts would be fine because however, I've been asked to teach very abstract things so far and I'm bombing spectacularly. This week I've been asked to teach several different ways to say hello

<i.e Hi_____< How's it going, _____? , What's up, Brother? How are you ____? How are you, kiddo>

which is far from concrete and difficult to teach even to my 18 year old students - like why do we need more than one way to say hello?!

So far, I've planned for the hello song but then despite watching numerous videos detailing teaching this age group, they all seem to either not provide any actual examples or only teach concrete.

Please help!
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