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Default Re: Kings A grammar game!

I made a variation of your BS (Bull S**t) game where instead of months or numbers, you use parts of speach...

It was a little hard coming up with 12 different parts of speach, but I did manage it somehow with the following list as I remember it...

Compound Nouns
Phrasal Verbs
Compound Adjectives
Adverbs of frequency
Aces I made wild, the could be anything...

During game play I had them call out an example of the word under the number that they wanted to call BS on. So, for 2's (nouns), instead of calling out BULL SH*T, the called out, "Chair!" or some other noun.

I started the class by pre-teaching all of the terms, then I played the game for the rest of the time. It took just over an hour to get through the game because there were about 13 people. Less people, less time.

It worked great for me, hope it works as well for you!
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