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Default Re: Challenges faced in teaching reading

I'm afraid that there's no one simple solution here as the children are of different ages (and therefore at different stages cognitively) and are mixed ability in terms of language proficiency. In addition, what is expected by the school in each age group will be different. For instance, if you are in the UK, none of the 5 year old children, whether native speaker or ESOL pupils, will know how to read and write and this will be being actively taught to all of them. What will hold back the ESOL pupils will not be their problems with reading but their problems with the language. They may not understand the words in the books and other materials used; they may not understand what the teacher says.

At 9 however, it's a different matter as the teachers of those classes will expect the learners to be proficient readers/writers already, and the ESOL children will have not only the language problem but also (possibly) the problems of dealing with an unknown script, the problems of dealing with the cognitive demands of the tasks set when they don't understand the texts etc.

The strategies that you use will therefore, of necessity, have to be differentiated - there's no one simple solution. Can I suggest the following two books? You'll find them and other related books on Google Books - see this page which allows you to "Look Inside" , see the Contents page and read a few chunks of the text. They're both by Walpole and McKenna and are called:
1. Differentiated Reading Instruction : Strategies for the Primary Grades
2. How to Plan Differentiated Reading Instruction: Resources for Grades K-3 (Solving Problems in the Teaching of Literacy)[/url] (There's another similar one for Grades 4 and 5).

There's not much on the web, but if you google Differentiated Reading Instruction Primary a couple of articles will also come up.

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