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Default Amazing Seoul & Busan Positions with a great schedule

YBM: The Only Company to Guarantee You a Comfortable and Stress Free Position

Knowledge is Comfort:
*Know what to expect before you leave your home. We here at YBM ECC provide detailed information about our schools, housing, and condition/environment.
*Do you have any questions? You will be answered directly by the YBM ECC Head Office.
*Know that you are not dealing with a recruiter, but directly with the YBM ECC HR Division.

YBM: Combining the Best of Public and Private School Positions:

-Most reliable teaching positions in Korea (Contracts guaranteed by the YBM Corporation)
-Smaller classes (4-12 students)
-Work with people just like you: Our schools have between 4-7 Foreign Staff
-Day Time Hours (9:30am to 5-6pm) No more late nights.
-Fully developed program (Developed by the R&D Team at the Head Office)
-Know where you will be working and living before coming to Korea.

Benefits Only YBM Guarantees:
-Positions in Only Prime, Popular and Highly Desired Areas. (Near the subway station)
-Housing within walking distance to the school.
-A 100% guaranteed contract backed by the YBM Corporation. More reliable than Public schools
-The Most Comprehensive Benefit Package in South Korea with a Guarantee.

Visit Welcome to YBM Education:: (Official Website) to see detailed information and photos of our company owned ECC Schools.

Select from our available positions with multiple departure dates for Korea: June –July-August


Songpa ECC (1-2 min walk to National Police Hospital Station line 3 or 10 min walk to Garak Market Station line 8, 3) Songpa is very popular because it is not as congested as other parts of Seoul yet it is only a few minutes from the popular Gangnam areas. Songpa ECC is definitely one of our highly sought after schools due to its prime location.

Cheongdam ECC (10 min walk to Gangnam-gu Office Station line 7) Located in the "Beverly Hills" of Korea. It is also Seoul's premier nightlife district and is a foreigner/tourist hot spot.

Yeongdeungpo ECC (10-15 min walk to Daerim Station line 2,7) This area offers an exciting nightlife with numerous places to shop such as the old style markets and modern departments stores. This is definitely one of the hot spots of Western Seoul.

Nowon ECC (walking distance to Sanggye Station line4 & Junggye Station line 7) Located in the hub of the Nowon area. This location is the hot spot of Northern Seoul. This area is filled with foreign bars, clubs, and restaurants that cater to the foreign crowd.

Seokgye ECC (1 min walk to Dolgoji Station line 6) Seokggye ECC is located near the Itaewon district, which is famous for its expat community. A great location for the instructor looking to meet other foreigners.

Ssangmun ECC (10 min walk to Changdong Station lines 1,4) Located in a prime Northern Seoul area: near Korea University, also known as Daehangno this area is very popular for its arts and nightlife.

Sungbuk ECC (1 min walk from Sunghin Women's Univ. Station line 4) This position is located in an area prefect for the instructor looking to mingle with the young Korean University crowd being located near the University and Jongro District

Bupyeong ECC (10min walk to Bupyeong-gu Office station Incheon line) Located in one of the most affluent areas of Incheon near the famous Guwol-dong area, today considered the "Gangnam" of Incheon. Instructors at Bupyeong love the fact that they have a great combination of everything: located near the coast, near Seoul, and in a great city itself.

Hwajeong ECC (2 min walk from Hwajeong Station line 3) Hwajeong combines the best of city living, but with a clean and refreshing environment. Located just northwest of Seoul instructors at Hwajeong can easily access all the hot spots of Seoul and Ilsan.


Gaegeum ECC (2 min walk to Gaegeum Station line 2) We are in the downtown Busan, an area that is popular among young Koreans and foreigners. We are also close to the Pusan National University district also a popular area to spend your time, by meeting Korean University students and relaxing with friends.

Yeonje ECC (1 min walk to Geoje Station line 3) Yeonje is a few stops from the popular Pusan National Univ. and Seomyeon areas. These are the most popular areas in Busan and have many restaurants, cafes, fashion outlets, bars, and clubs.

Haeundae ECC (1 min walk to Jangsan Station line 2) Haeundae ECC is located in the most affluent and popular district in Busan. Located near the famous Haeundae Beach which is only a short bus ride away, this is one of the prime expat locations in Busan.

Nam-Busan ECC (5 min walk to Namcheon Station line 2) Located in the southern affluent part of Busan, instructors at this location walk to work, to the subway station, and to the beach. This is a great location, with everything within walking distance.

*Changwon (Korea’s Green City)

Changwon ECC Changwon is a green city and it located just 30 minutes from Busan making it an ideal place for people who want live in a clean environment away from the congestion of bigger cities while being close by.

*Daegu (Korea’s Fashion City)

Daegu ECC (1 min walk to Sinmae Station line 2) Located near Suseong-gu, one of Daegu’s most affluent areas. It is an ideal choice for those who want to live in a modern city that has carefully been developed with nature in mind. Daegu is also known for its friendly foreign community being very welcoming and well established.

*Deajeon (Korea’s Silicon Valley)

Daejeon ECC (Walking Distance to Government Complex Station) Located within the popular and affluent Dunsan district in Daejeon. This is an area is filled with restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, stores, bars, and clubs. This school is also just a short cab ride away from another downtown district known as Eunhaeng-Dong. There you will find many trendy bars and cafes.

For more information about each position visit the YBM ECC Official Website at Welcome to YBM Education:: and click “ECC Location”

Benefits you will receive with YBM ECC; which other schools may not provide:
*RENT-FREE, furnished, single housing located within walking distance to the school.
*Competitive salary of 2.0~2.4 million won or 2.5~3.0 million won for no housing contracts
*Prepaid air tickets, from the nearest major home city of prospective teachers.
*Guaranteed contracts; upheld by the YBM Corporate Head Office in Seoul
*Relocation allowance 200,000 won
*Paid Orientation and training with our teacher trainer.
*Compliance with the Pension tax refund (Average of over $1,000 US Dollars)
*Korean National Medical Insurance
*Year-end completion bonus/severance (one extra month’s salary)
* 50% off Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Language Lessons from YBM
* Vacation days (10 Selected Days + All Korean National holidays)

How to apply for any of these positions:
-If you are ready to start your adventure please email Alex Kang (HR Coordinator) at with the information listed below

1. Your updated resume (MS word document or text file)
2. A recent digital photo of yourself (you may also send a passport scan if you wish)
3. If possible please state a desired start date and location

*Must be a Native English speaker from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Ireland.
*A bachelor’s degree

For more information about our Company and updated information about what we can offer YOU please visit our website (Welcome to YBM Education::) there you will be provided with detailed information and learn more about what YOU should be getting when applying to any teaching position in Korea.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!

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