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Default Re: What flash cards do you want?

Here go some suggestions:
a) places in a town
b) different kinds of shops
c) more food (all kinds with nicer colour pictures)
d) weather
e) parts of the body
f) description pictures (curly etc)
g) more exhaustive pictures of rooms and furniture
h) more clothes
i) the country (landscape and features)
j) topic based: the beach, holidays, winter, etc.
k) typical signs in English
l) prepositions of place
m) prepositions of movement
n) computers

etc. (otherwise it's difficult to make a 35-square game board!)
I was wondering - I've got some images, but I guess they're copyright and therefore not suitable to upload. Isn't there a way we could insert our own images or connect to some source of free picture bank?
Thanks a lot!
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