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Default Re: ESL Teacher Talk - An ESL Podcast

Quote openmind
So, what we can do is create a list of topics of interest that could be covered in upcoming shows. Also, you could invite guests onto your show, the entire thing could even develop into an ESL Internet Radio Channel.
As for potential interview topics, we/you could talk about ESL websites, how it all began with pioneers like Dave Sperling and what has become of them. How the internet is being used in ESL classrooms, the difference between ESL and EFL, the influence of US English vs. UK English on the ESL industry etc. There is an endless list of issues we can cover, we just have to collect all ideas and struture them.
What do you think?
Thats a great idea. A list of show ideas would really save us some energy in thinking up a new topic every week. Plus its what you guys want to hear. Thanks for getting the ideas started! (BTW, welcome to the site!) we definitely want to start doing some interviews.

Quote livinginkorea
Another idea would be the main difference between teaching in Korean and teaching in Japan. A few people have done both and since Eric is in Korea and Mark is in Japan it might be an interesting topic. I think that it's interesting to get other's involved too but that could be a lot of work.
Good idea. I think we could have a show about korea, japan and china. comparing and contrasting these east asian countries.

Thanks guys!

Keep the ideas coming! It helps us out more than you know!

ps. this week's show is delayed because our server filled up. next episode will be available on monday (may 8).
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