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Default Re: one to one conversation class

I used to teach full time (40 hours a week) at a pharmaceutical company and my entire day was 45 minute one to one classes. Let me tell was quite the work week but I have to say that one to one classes are my favorite!

Here is what I used to do.

1) Start with high energy. You can do a fast paced drill (short answer question, question tags etc. I find that a drill at the beginning gets people in the mindset to work and learn. Plus it is fun.

2) I usually have one topic or grammar point that we focus on but I am flexible to go with the flow of the class. If questions come up we can get side tracked but I always try to tackle one point of grammar a class.

3) I think one great way to make a class fly is by using role plays. Depending on where you work and your student’s job you can create situations that they will encounter and give them tools to function better. You mentioned that they want to improve for this is super easy. Pretend that you are a travel can walk your boss through different situations.

Booking a flight
Changing a flight
Cancelling a flight
Getting information for a trip
Price comparing (budgets)
Booking hotels
Getting a taxi and giving directions
Making complaints at the hotel
Eating out (menus, asking for things to be changed in a meal...for example no onions...)
Interacting with sales people in a store

The list goes on and on. Just put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself what she is going to encounter abroad.

You could even create a review sheet for each role play.

Common expressions useful for that situation
Common questions
Vocabulary etc.

3) Always end your class by quickly saying what you have learnt...point out all the great info you have covered and then play a game or do a high energy activity. If you leave on a high note AND explain what you have learnt your student will feel like they have learnt a great deal and also be full of energy after your fun activity.

I hope that helps.
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