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Default Re: Sport Themed Lesson

The second part of the lesson is a bit more focused on the creation of present simple/perfect forms of questions. You need to spend a little bit of time creating the material. The material you need is:

a. Strips of A4 paper cut vertically in half.
b. Write one word on each piece of paper (eight pieces of paper create a question).
c. Create six different questions related to sport and activities (thus you need eight strips of paper time by six questions = that's 48 strips of paper).
d. Some dice.

The questions (which must be eight words in length) could be:

Do you ever watch any sports on TV?
What Olympic sport do you enjoy the most?
Which sport do you think is very dangerous?

After you have created six different questions you have the basis for your class. You now need some dice for the rest of the lesson.

Give eight students one strip each and ask them to re-organise themselves to create a question. The other students should write the question down in their textbook.

After the students have written all the questions down, get students to write the questions down on the board. Now number each question (from 1 to 6). Hand out the dice to groups of students (from 2+ students). The students roll the dice and then they discuss the questions. Try to provide a rule (don't just say "yes" or "no" and each student must give a follow up question).

This activity can really last from 45-60 minutes depending whether you wish to get a pyramid discussion going, providing feedback, etc. It can work from Elementary to Intermediate students and can really create some really good dynamics during the class.

I hope you like this activity and again it is really saving the photocopier from ink. You just need paper, ink and dice. If you have any suggestions with regards to this lesson, I am all ears.
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