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Default Re: Going to Hong Kong to get a new visa

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How many times you can exit China depends on the kind of visa you hold. If your visa is a 'multi entry visa' then you can leave and come as many times as you want until the visa expires. Now, if you have a tourist visa that's...say...2 entry...then you can only leave and come back 2 times during the validity of your visa. Maybe the visa should last for 6 months, but I leave once after 2 months....if I leave again before the 6 months is up...I can't return to China unless I get a new visa (easily done).

As long as your visa is valid and you have entries left, you can go to Japan for 3 days and then come back. In doing so, that also resets your days stayed in China back to you need to leave again after a year is up.

I am back in China after getting my new visa in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was AWESOME and a nice break from the mainland. I think you only need to leave china for 24 hours, but it took me 2 days to get a new visa (the application day and then the next day...I paid the rush fee).

I hope this is clear and understandable. I'm really tired right now. Little sleep plus I just finished 2 classes. If you have more questions you can message me on MSN or Skype.
Hello. I need your input. Are you American?
Where did you go to get a new chinese visa in Hong Kong and when did you do this? We are looking to do the same thing but just wanna make sure we can do it there. We are in China right now.

Please if you could tell me where u went, what u gave in and how long they took to do the paperwork, I'd really appreciate it.
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