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Default Question about Korea and dependants

(I posted this on eslcafe but no answer yet, I am hoping that linking to an esl cafe thread is okay, if not, do feel free to remove the link)

In fererence to posts at:

The OP Radhagrrl asked about her husband who did not have a 4 year degree finding work in Korea. It kind of veered towards the end of the thread without a definitive answer. After some research I have found that dependants can work PT in Japan, in teaching even if they can find someone to hire them. What is the answer for Korea? Can a dependant work at all? Full-time, part-time, anytime? If yes, are they not allowed to work teaching jobs or is it fine if they can find someone who will hire them? Does anyone have the answer to this question?

I apologize in advance if this very answer has been given before, my extensive use of the FAQ and search functions did not turn up a definitive answer.

Thank you.
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