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Default Re: Advertise your website on eslHQ for FREE!!!

I can't give you monthly figures yet because I've only had a counter on for a couple of weeks, but I'm certainly getting a lot of visitors from here. Thank you!

Quote Eric
If you notice any weird things going on with the thread or post count, please let me know. It's new code and there may be a few small glitches, but for the most part it's good.
One thing, which may be my imagination, but I wonder if anyone else has noticed? It's seemed to me for a while that not all my posts were being counted. For instance, I might do three or four at once, then see my count had only gone up by two. I suspected the time difference at first - maybe I was posting just as the figures for the day changed. But today it clicked that it seems to happen when I use the quick reply rather than the "advanced" box. Does that seem feasible, or is it just my lousy maths? Which is a definite possibility ....
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