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Default Re: Moderators vetting of posts

Many thanks for your reply.

I can appreciate your desire to keep the forum spam-free. I fear that this policy, of posts not appearing for up to 24 hours later, is also keeping new visitors from becoming active members of the forum. I happened to enquire about non-appearance of posts. I doubt that potential new members in the past did; and like John Kenter this month, felt that they preferred the experience of immediacy offered in other forums. He hasn’t been back (but is posting in another forum!)

Forgive me for being so forthright, but while three or four similar forums are thriving, with posts often every 10-15 minutes, this forum has averaged one post a week this month.

This forum could be so much more.

The irony, for me, of your reply - “It takes about 5 or so posts” – is that there are no questions to post to, in order to establish my bona fides!

Terry (Bazza6)
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