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Unread Nov 1st, 2007, 02:54 am
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Default Free Books Local Content China Asia

Ming the Minibus is a character created to bring local content readers into Hong Kong Chinese and Asian schools.

The books are available as free downloads in PowerPoint form from on the RESOURCES board.

Also I am looking for schools or individuals worldwide to participate in a world wide project. I am looking for schools who would like to put together a Ming the Minibus folding template and then photograph it in an interesting location. Eg near a town sign, in the snow, near a well known icon, at the front of your school. Something that identifies its location.

Ming the Minibus is a character from a series of books about Hong Kong and China.

If the photograph can be emailed to us the students at Hoi Pa Street Government Primary School will put together a book and email it to all schools involved. Students can then trace and locate the places that Ming the Minibus has been.
Schools can also go to the United Nations Year of the Dolphin Website where the story "Ming the Minibus and the Pink Dolphins" has been made available for worldwide download free. Year of the Dolphin Â*—Â* Home (click on "World of Dolphins" then "Dolphins in Literature"
I will email the template to the school once you have contacted me.
Ming the Minibus Series

1. Ming the Minibus
Ming dreams of being a boat but in the end he realizes he is happy being what he is and staying with all his friends. Book also encourages people to wear seat belts when traveling in a minibus.

2. Ming and the Pink DolphinsOn his way to Sai Kung Ming encounters three dolphins seeking help. One has a plastic bag stuck in her throat. The passengers load the dolphin on the minibus and take her to Sai Kung animal hospital where Dr Mary removes the plastic bag. The book encourages children to dispose of rubbish properly. Illustrator Lily Lei
3 Ming and the Giant Fans.
This book looks at proposed wind power generation at Nine Pin Island. Allows children to see the advantages of clean energy generation. The story sees Ming thinking the fans are being installed to blow pollution away from Hong Kong Island but Ming eventually finds out that moving or blowing pollution to another place is not a good idea. Illustrator Lily Lei
3. Ming the Minibus and the Moon Bear.This is the story of a small boy who takes a Moon Bear from a bear farm in China to the Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre. Ming and his driver help the pair by driving them to the rescue centre where the bear is treated and able to live a life outside the small cage. Illustrator Avianna Brown

4. Ming and the Lion Dancers.Ming is on his way to Sai Kung when he comes across a troupe of Lion Dancers whose truck has broken down. The dancers are meant to perform in Sai Kung and fear they could be late. Ming takes the dancers but their lion costume can’t fit through Ming’s small door. They put the costume on Ming’s roof and Ming drives to Sai Kung astonishing many people who see a large lion flashing past.
Illustrator Gary Yeung

5. Ming: Santa’s Secret HelperOn Christmas night Ming is on his way to Choi Hung when Santa’s sleigh flies past. As Ming continues down the road he stops when he see a large sack in the middle of the road. Realising it has fallen from Santa” sleigh Ming turns around. In Sai Kung he finds Santa who is sad as he has lost all the Christmas presents for the boys and girls of Sai Kung. Santa is very happy when Ming tells him he found the toys and has brought them back to Sai Kung. Illustrator Karen Kwan
6. Ming visits the Olympic CityMing and his driver get the opportunity to go to Beijing before the Olympics and look at all the new and fantastic venues that have been built for the 2008 Olympic Games.
Illustrator Swati Patra

7. Ming Explores Hong Kong.
Ming and his driver take time off to see Hong Kong. Although they have lived in Hong Kong all their lives they have never really toured around to see all the fabulous attractions Hong Kong has to offer.. Illustrations George Ward
8. Ming and the Blue Haired Man of Shanghai
Ming’s driver decides to take his Chinese New Year holidays in Shanghai. While there they meet Ne Li, a wise man and his niece Lil Li who show them all around the fast growing city of Shanghai.
Illustrator Subha Jitdas

9. Ming and the Taikonauts
A minor accident with a meteor sends a Chinese space capsule off course and it lands on Ming’s roof. Ming and his driver help get the capsule to the Hong Kong Space Museum so it can be sent back to its launch station.

17 Ming and the Dragon BoatMing helps the drivers’ team get another boat when theirs sinks the night before the big race. Illustrator Ajitesh Kar

Ming and the Hot Planet.
Book tells students what they can do to help beat global warming.
Illustrator William Paris

The Legend of Joe Sun
Tell story of Joe Sun and his experience as he brings an elephant back from Thailand and is forced to live in a National Park. ILLUSTRATOR Swagata Dey

Ming the Minibus Meets Joe Sun’s Elephant
Ming hits an oil slip and goes off the road in the national park. No one hurt because all passengers wearing seat belts.
Joe Sun’s elephant show up and pulls Ming back on to the road.
Illustrator Lily Lei

Ming and the Headless ( Missing )Warrior : Two Versions

Ming visits the Terracotta Warriors and on the way back to Hong Kong they find the head of a terracotta warrior and return it to the museum in Xian.

Ming Visits Singapore
Ming goes to Singapore to a Tourism Expo to represent Hong Kong. He also gets a chance to see some of Singapore’s attractions.

Ming and the Ocean Park Pandas
The Ocean Park Pandas escape during a typhoon when a tree knocks open the door to their enclosure.
Ming and his drivers find the pandas in the Sai Kung National Park and return them safely to Ocean Park.

Ming the Minibus and the Leader.

Ming finds out about the job of Donald Tsang the Leader of Hong Kong and learns that all jobs are important Illustrator Lily Lei
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Unread Feb 15th, 2008, 01:09 pm
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Default Re: Free Books Local Content China Asia

Congratulations on creating an innovative, cross-cultural education project. Consider me impressed!


"Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity."
Aristotle, 4th Century BCE, Greek philosopher
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