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Unread Apr 28th, 2009, 06:00 am
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Default ★★Korea OFF&ON tutor recruiting★★

We are recruiting agent in Korea and looking for native English instructors who can teach English at public/private schools in South Korea.

If you are interested in teaching young students public schools in Gyeonggi-do (0.5-1 hour from Seoul) or Chungbuk Province (1-1.5 hours from Seoul by car), would you please answer the following questions so that we can arrange interview by phone or SKYPE as quickly as possible. We have attached a brief working condition and benefits here for your information.

1. Which province or city do you prefer?

2. Your salary will be 2.0 - 2.8 million Korean Won/month plus one month salary as a bonus when you complete 1 year contract. The employer will also provide free furnished accommodation and paid air ticket, subject to one year contract. Your tax will be approx. 3%. I have attached working conditions and benefits for your information.

3. Can you start immediately? Otherwise, please let me know when you are available?

4. When you are available for an interview by phone or Skype? Please let me know your time and phone number or Skype ID.

5. Please send us your resume and a photograph by email.
If you have any other question, please let us know at any time. Thank you for your time in this matter.
Contact Manager : john
Contact number : 82 10 9647 3332
Skype ID: telljay
Email to send your CV and Photo:


Gangnam Academy Head Teacher Position ( Experienced Gyopo is available)
Location: Gangnam DAechi station
Start Date: June !st
working hour: 14:30 - 22:30
Teaching Age Group: Elementary + Middle
Salary: 3mil won without housing
Condition: Teacher who can teach TOEFL
Preferred a teacher who is staying in korea
City info :

Seoul Gangseo-gu Academy position
* Starting day : ASAP
* Location : Mok-dong station #520 (line5)
* Working Hours : 9:40~13:45
* Working Days : Mon-Friday
* Current teachers: 7
* Students : Kindergarten
* Payment : 1.6mil (KRW)
* City info : :: Welcome To Gangseo-Gu::

New mungyung academy position
Location: 1hour 30min from seoul, 1hour 30min from daegu*
Working hours: 14:00~20:00
Salary: 2.2~2.4 mil (KRW)
Teaching Age Group:*kindergarten+ elementary
city info : Mungyeong City - Welcome To Mungyeong City

New F/T in Daegu Downtown Academy , Gyeoungsang province

* Starting day : March 1st, (Teacher has to arrive by 4th week of February)
* Working Hours : 9~2:30pm (20,00won plus Over working til 3:45 )
* Working Days : Mon-Fri

* Current teachers:3

*Needed teachers:2
* Students : Kindergarten
* Payment : 2.3 for no experienced teacher, to 2.5

* Housing: 10min away from downtown and 10min away from academy to housing)

* Others: Tax 3.75% deduction, 20days vacation a year, paid orientation

Male teachers only ( Female teachers made excuses like hiomesick and cancelled contract in the middle so far)

Gyeongsangnam-do yangsan academy position

Location: Gyeongsangnam-do yangsan
Starting date : late July
Working hours: 14:00-20:00
Salary: 2.2mil (KRW)
Teaching age group : Kinder + Elementary
Needed teacher : 1
preferred age : late 20's ~ early 40's

*City Info: Welcome to Yangsan.

Daegu Academy Position
Location: Daegu Downtown
Teaching Age Group: kinder
Working Hour: 9-5pm (Normally finish at 2:30 )
Salary: 2.3mil won
Vacation 20days a year including weekends
city info : Colorful Daegu, City of Hope

Youngin After School Program ( E2, F2, F4 welcome)
Location: 20min away from bundang
Starting Date: June
Working Hour: 12:30 -6pm
Salary: 2.2 mil won
city info : Wellcom To Yong-in City

Suwon, Youngtong Elementary After School Program
Starting Date: ASAP
Location: 20min away from suwon station
city info : Welcome to Suwon city
Working Hour: 12:30 -6pm
Salary: 2.2 mil won

Gyeonggi Province GwangJu academy position ( Female
Starting Date : ASAP
Location: 30min away from yatop station
Working Hour : 13:00~ 20:00
salary : 2.1~2.3 mil
Teaching Age Group : elementary school
Housing: share house with the academy's apartment or single housing if a teacher doesn't want to share
city info : Gwangju City Homepage

NEW Kangnam Full Time Academy Position
*condition:* looking for a teacher who can start from Middle of April*
Working hour: 1-8:30 pm
*Needed teachers:* three
one for Early*May
another for middle June
the other for early July
our academy is one of the most prestigious private English teaching institutes in Kangnam area, Seoul, Korea.Kangnam is the best place in which to live in and around Seoul area. It's just 5 minutes away by car from COEX, World Trade Center of Korea, and City Air Terminal. It has many wonderful facilities and nice and clean environment, such as Seoul Art Exhibition Center, Olympic Stadium, Lotte world theme park, etc.We are offering a good teaching environment with good pay and a cooperative and friendly staff.Here are some of the benefits we offer:
* Starting Date:* Middle of April
* Needed Teachers: 1(1) salary range: between 2.0 - 2.1 million Korean won according to your teaching experience (if you teach overtime, it could be more)(2) airlines tickets for one-year contract(3) 10 days( winter and summer vacation) paid vacations in a year (except national holidays and Sundays)(4) one month of severance pay upon completion of one-year contract(5) own room in a shared apartment ( two bedrooms, living room, Kitchen, a bathroom)(6) health insurance premium (50%)Here are qualifications for the job opening1) Native English Speaker(2) BA/BS degree , Prefer no experienced teacher
(3) Ability to work well with childrenHere is the job description1) teach Our Program, curriculum to children age 5 through 15(2) evaluate students progress on a monthly basis(3) participate in teachers' meeting and cooperate with other teachersAnd teachers working days are from Mon. to Fri.your contract hours during the week days. Your work loads for a week is 21 80-minutes classes. And if you teach overtime, we will pay 1.2 times hourly pay more than the regular hourly pay.Daily working hours are as follows1) If you teach pre-school or kindergarten classes, you will teach from 9:40 am till 5:20 pm, and after 5:30 you can teach overtime.(2) If you don’t teach pre-school or kindergarten classes, you will teach from 2;30 pm till 8:30 pm.

Daegu, Gyungsan academy position
Location: 15min away from daegu downtown bu subway
near yungnam university and there's mountains such as palgong, baekja, sungam moountains
Teaching hour: 100 hours
M,W, Friday: 9:30- 6:30
Tue, Thursday: 9:30- 5pm
Teaching age group: Kinder + Elementary
Current Teacher: 1
Prefer a teacher who can arrive within April
New Daegu, company visiting teacher position and After School program*(* E2 )
Location: Dong dae-gu Station ( First line, near downtown )*
Teaching hours: 100 hours a month
Salary: 2.1 - 2.3 mil
Teaching Age Group:* Kids~Adults
Needed teacher :*3
Starting date : ASAP
*City Info: *Colorful Daegu, City of Hope

Only friday part time teacher wanted
location: jamsil station, green line(2)
teaching hour: 2:30- 7:30
pay: flexable
students: elementary

New Dae gu, company visiting teacher position

Location: Dong dae-gu Station ( First line, near downtown )*
Teaching hours: 100 hours a month
Salary: 2.1 - 2.3 mil
Teaching Age Group:* Kids~Adults

Needed teacher : 2

Starting date : One for 25th March (no gender limit, prefer a teacher in korea now) /
Another for and of April (female only)
*City Info: *Colorful Daegu, City of Hope

Gangnam Academy position
Location:* Gangnam*, Seoul* and* Daegu
Salary: 2.5mil won
Working hour: 09:00 ~ 14:00 on Wed, Thu, Fri.
*********************** 14:00 ~ 22:00 on Sat.
*********************** 10:00 ~ 18:00 on Sun.
*********************** Day Off: Mon and Teu.
Students: Adults
Instructor’s Qualification:** 1)* Must have B.A Degree and Masters Degree holder is preferred.** 2)* TESOL Certificate with more than 120 instructional hours.** 3)* At least two years in class teaching experience.** 1) Salary:* 2,500,000 Won* plus upon completion
* of one year contracted time, additional one month salary of bonus will be given.
* The 2nd year Contract will start with a salary of 3,000,000Won/month.
2) R/T Air Fare to/from Seoul, Korea
**** *3)* Housing(Single Room)

New juk-jeon academy position

Location: juk-jeon station (bundang line, near downtown )*
Teaching hours: 126 hours a month+preparation 10h

Working hours:10am -7pm
Salary: 2.3 - 2.4 mil
Teaching Age Group:*kindergarten+ elementary

Needed teacher : 8 (3 for middle July, 5 for 20th, August including 1 couple)

*City Info: *Wellcom To Yong-in City

New juk-jeon, academy teacher part time position position (prefer F2 visa)

Location: juk-jeon station (bundang line, near downtown )*
Teaching hours: 60 hours

Working hours:2-6pm
Salary: 1.8 mil

Needed teacher : 1

*City Info: *Wellcom To Yong-in City

For 2 positions..... we need to receive teacher's doc* ASAP
2 urgent and best public school positions


F/T Great Position* in Education Board, Kyunggido*(Gepik)
Position: Counselling and guide for E2 visa applicants In Education Board
Location:*Pyungtaek**, Osan or Songtan
Starting date: ASAP
salary: 2.1 - 2.4 mil won*
Working hour:* 9- 5
1)* Female teacher between 30 and 40
*2) African american can apply
3) Good personality, Sociable, *Bright*, kind,*outgoing person Only ( important)
*4) Good Computer Skills
5) Prefer Certified and licensed*teaher*who can guide ESL teaching
6)*Good and clear Prounciation

New On-line* Teaching Job
We are looking for part time online teachers
Working hours: 3hours*, prefer am06:00-09:00 (Korea Time)
Work days: Mon - Friday
Payment: Vary ( See Details )
Preferred: 1. Experienced teachers in online teaching
Site Manager : john
Contact number : 82 10 9647 3332
Skype ID: telljay
Email to send your CV and Photo:
I. Tutors are paid for: Hours Worked + Incentive + Trial Lessons incentives
II. Details
1. Who are paid?*

USA, Canada, UK, NZ, Australia, South Africa, Ireland Tutors : $11 per hour
1) send your CV and Photo to
2) add me on your skype list: skype ID: telljay
3) prepare cam and mic
4) skype interview
5) Teachers who passed CV and skype Interview will undergo training
6) Incentives
Incentives are paid*once a month.
Criteria in which levels will be set are as follows;
Students re-enrollment rate
Student complaints and feedback
Number of students and hours taught
Company manager’s feedback
Incentive Amoung;
Level A : $80 per month
Level B : $40 per month
Level C : $20 per month
Level D : $0
4. Trial Lesson Incentives
Trial lesson that lasts less than 1 month
Hourly rates are paid at 50% of your normal rate,
Additional $25 per student is paid to the tutor who conducted the last lessons with the student before applying for normal scheduled lessons.
Site Manager : john
Contact number : 82 10 9647 3332
Skype ID: telljay
Email to send your CV and Photo:
* Applicants must submit CV and photo to john, FIRST or Registering on site oneself without permission will be automatically deleted
our site doesn't allow any teachers who are not pre-approved

If you want to be applicant , send me your CV after call me with skype.

My skype ID is telljay

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